While sleep deprivation is common enough on its own, when it comes to a newborn, the statistics can be quite foreboding. As some studies indicate, new parents can be looking at up to six years of sleep deprivation after the birth of their children. 

Nailing down the best way to sleep during this time can be hugely significant for your wellbeing and your brand new baby’s, but figuring out how exactly to go about this can be tricky. Fighting off sleep deprivation actually starts at a surprisingly simple place: your bedroom furniture.

As your needs for rest evolve and change, you’ll find so do your ideal bedroom decor ideas, which they should. Understanding what kinds of bedroom furniture can help contribute to your optimal level of sleep, from the best mattress you can get your hands on to an adjustable bed frame that lets you do many jobs in one space, can have such a massive impact on the way in which you and your partner are able to shape your sleep cycle. 

Finding the best mattress to fight off sleep deprivation and jazzing up your room in a way that makes sense for you and your baby may seem intimidating, but it’s a great starting point as you begin to brainstorm bedroom decor ideas that are well thought out and well-considered. Here are some top tips as you try and figure out the best way to sleep while your tiny, fussy, brand new roommate gets the right amount they deserve as well. 

Beginning with your base

While a new baby might provoke the more creative aspects of your bedroom decor ideas – pastel colors, stuffed toys, it’s important to get the more practical and functional things out of the way first. This includes bedroom furniture that will actually constructively contribute to your sleep cycle, and it all starts with the best base for your bed. 

Even the best mattress for your sleep can be made better by the right adjustable bed frame. These nifty tools help prop yourself up if you ever require time for feeding, allow you to increase height for when you might want to do a quick change, and have massage zones, and often other customizable features that help you access comfortable sleep, and fast.

Adjustable bed frames come in all shapes and sizes, but when you’re looking for the best in the market, you’ll want to find something that is compatible with your mattress, works with your wider bedroom furniture and has been engineered with the best way to sleep in mind. 

Identifying the best mattress for your sleep

Before you’ve picked an adjustable bed frame that works for you, you’re probably going to want to consider replacing your mattress. Old mattresses are no good when it comes to providing you the comfort and support you’re going to need through this time, and most importantly, they’re likely to have trapped a lot of nasties in the forms of dust mites and other external debris you don’t want to be sleeping with at a time where your health is important.

The best mattresses ranked consistently on the internet tend to be made of memory foam, solely for their versatility. Motion absorption features mean that you or your partner can make movements without your own rest undisturbed, which makes them the best mattress for those looking to share the night shift as their baby wakes mid-sleep for a little cuddle before going back to bed.

Memory foam mattresses also tend to be the best mattresses for an adjustable bed frame, since their molding capabilities mean they can be shaped and will reform no matter which way you want to keep it at.

When you’re considering the best mattress for you and your baby, you’re also going to want to take into account some practical features. Features of best mattresses for new parents tend to include them being hypoallergenic and stain-proof so that any clean up becomes a piece of cake, and you’re able to combat sleep deprivation, sniffle free. 

The best way to sleep as you’re juggling your child’s sleep cycle

An adjustable bed frame and even the best mattress for the job can only go so far in preparing you for juggling the sleep cycle of a whole new person, not discounting the fact they’re probably going to be pretty fussy when it comes to their sleep. 

Sleep deprivation is a reality for many new parents, but when you’re thinking up bedroom decor ideas that will help with optimizing the way you rest, the best way to sleep has to be at the forefront of your mind. When you’re thinking of ways to juggle different sleep cycles, it will be useful to have physiological short-cuts for both you and your baby to rest better. 

This may be listening to calming music as you both go to bed, or using non-toxic essential oils to keep the space feeling restful even as you’re struggling to soother your child. The best way to sleep will vary from person to person, but having the right equipment in place to help with this can go a really long way in making the transition easier. 

Splitting up the work with your partner can also be an efficient way to fight off sleep deprivation as a new parent. Tag-team your baby’s various sleep interruptions so that you’re able to each get decent amounts of undisturbed sleep. This is where an adjustable bed frame works particularly well since you can adjust your own position in bed without having to disturb or interrupt your partner’s. 
Though the first few months can be harsh, there’s really nothing as rewarding as sharing your bedroom and personal space with a precious being you helped create. Whether you invest in an adjustable bed frame, or you’ve found the top rated mattress solution for your sleep deprivation, take time to enjoy this period of your lives, since they’re unlikely to come round too many times.