Nayte OlukoyaYou may have been awarded Michelle YoungThe first impression was made by BacheloretteHowever, his latest impression was not the greatest. 

Michelle, a member of the ABC dating series’ Tuesday, Nov. 9, episode, expressed her feelings to the men that she felt “overlooked” on the group date. This led her to have a one-on-one chat with Nayte, a clear front-runner this season, to tell him, “You don’t pull me aside to talk with me or to try to connect with me.” 

A few minutes before the cocktail party begins, Chris SuttonMichelle was surprised when he gave a strong-worded speech. He criticised the men “thinking they have it in the bags”, but he did mention some people.

He decided to get more specific after whisking Michelle away for one-on-one time. In their chat, he told her that Nayte, after not receiving the latest one-on-one date, had boasted to the other men, “I already know I’m gonna get one—it’s just a matter of when.”