Someone hasn’t missed gym day—and it shows!

Arnold Schwarzenegger“Son” Joseph Baena proved he’s following in his dad’s footsteps—in more ways than one. “Excited to be filming the movie ‘Lava’ with the @bitflixnfts team!” Joseph captioned an Instagram picture he posted on Nov. 21. Comment on what you see in the scene.

The shirtless photo shows the young man, aged 24, standing in what looks like a forest. Fans took to Twitter to express their opinions and joked about the fact that the 24-year-old is starring in the new installment of “The Simpsons.” PredatorJust like his father.

One fan said, “You mean Predator 7” and another wrote, “Predator 2. A second fan wrote, “Get the choppa” in reference to the famous line his father used from Predator 7.  

Joseph declined to share more details or tell us if his father gave him tips. The Californian native doesn’t hide his body, much like his father.