Of course, MK&A had a lot of people working with and for them and Wagner described it as “an amazing machine.” Thorne, the manager of MK&A, was a key player in film development. Wagner said that Thorne offered “very precise things” that Wagner wanted to see, such as a private aircraft, a yacht or a transfer from a cooler climate to a tropical location. 

Wagner stated that Wagner and his team “really knew their audience, what they desired and how to fulfill it.” Wagner regretted that the writer did not get to meet the twins face-to-face, as he wanted. 

It was complete-circle because I was the intern of the writer who wrote it. Voll HouseHe explained. I was able to see table readings, and also be present for the tapings. My goal was to be able to tell the intern that she actually plans on pursuing a career as a writer. It was not an opportunity that I had.