Especially if dressing up in head-to-toe Steelers gear or playing Dungeons & DragonsIt is It is notShe does her own thing. Vanity Fair Oscar Party is. Manganiello, a true hardcore fan, is an official D&D consultant.

“All my friends are actors. Are all these great comedians, directors and actors really that big? In an op ed written for NBC News, he said that “We all play.” “My trainer of the past eight years, who is a CrossFit champion—6’2, 245 pounds of solid muscle—is the most hardcore encyclopedia of fantasy novel information you’ll ever find.”

The actor continued, “I now work as a consultant for Dungeons & Dragons, which is the job that I wanted as a kid, and, as a result of that relationship, I wrote some material for their adventure module that will get released next year. Additionally, I was cast in my most recent movie because of the game. Rampage.” ” D&D With the director of the film Brad PeytonWho is interested in making an offer? D&D movie and Peyton mentioned he still needed to cast a role in his ape-run-amok blockbuster that also starred Dwayne Johnson.

However, Vergara can hang at Comic-Con, and she accompanied fan-favorite Manganiello there in 2018, after which they made their first trip to her native Colombia together. Their summer was filled with fun and laughter as they shared it with Ferguson, one of their favourite double-date-night couples. Justin MikitaThey were on their fifth anniversary.