Andrew GlennonAfter a custody decision, he shared his feelings with us. Amber Portwood.

CelebHomes News exclusive: “We survived the nightmare,” he stated. We now live the life we dreamed.

A judge in Indiana awarded Andrew sole physical custody and legal custody to his 4-year-old son with Amber. JamesAccording to court records obtained by The Sun. Andrew requested permission to move James to California. Andrew must “seek and consider” the opinion of the mother before making major decisions about the child’s religious, medical, or educational treatment.

Amber is the most popular. Teen momStar has been given overnights with James, which will be used every month according to the outlet. She will be able to spend her time with James, aged 4, in Indiana and California.

Amber was also ruled a mother to her 13-year-old daughter. LeahEx Gary ShirleyIn a statement,, stated that she had “worked so much to improve myself and my relationships with children.”