Xoxo, we’ve got a sneak peek at season two of the Gossip Girl reboot.

Thomas DohertyAnd Evan Mock, who play Max Wolfe and Aki Menzies, respectively, were spotted on the show’s New York City set July 26. 

They were seen sitting together on a stool, talking to one another. 

Doherty was dressed in a purple and white robe, with shorts under and black, blue and white Nikes.

Mock was meanwhile sporting his pink buzzcut, while Mock was rocking a red outfit. Clockwork Orangegrey sweatshirt and blue pants with black shoes 

Max and Aki began a relationship at the end of season one, December 2021. Audrey, in a relationship of three.Emily Alyn Lind).

Many wondered if this unusual love story would ever last. However, Max and Aki seem to still be in touch with each other and are apparently trying to find a way for it.