He is a super cleaner!

Anderson CooperAfter sharing a photo of his 18-month old son, he had to explain. Wyatt CooperHalloween costume.

During a visit to the Drew Barrymore Show, on Nov. 1, the CNN anchor broke down his son’s hilariously adorable costume , which included a blue Batman cape and vintage mask. The cape was made in the ‘60s by his friend’s mother, while the mask was a special gift from the time too.

Anderson was not amused by the Batman costume, but Wyatt’s choice in accessories: a vacuum cleaner. Drew Barrymore, Anderson’s host, said that her son is obsessed cleaning products. He is obsessed. It doesn’t actually vacuum, it just makes the sound like a vacuum. This is his greatest gift.

Little Wyatt isn’t just obsessed with cleaning. Anderson said that he gets enough sleep since the arrival of his son.