Simpson, in writing about her divorce with Lachey, admits that she turned down a part in the beloved movie, starring Ryan GoslingAnd Rachel McAdams. After telling Lachey that she wanted a divorce, Lachey was on a Dallas flight when it was announced. The NotebookPassengers could watch the process from their seats.

Simpson writes that “The most romantic movie of all time, and I was leaving Nick,”. “I knew exactly what the movie was all about because I had seen the script. But they wouldn’t let me take out the sex scene. It would have been Ryan Gosling, of course.

Simpson knew Gosling since the The Mickey Mouse ClubSimpson auditioned for the show in days. Simpson said that she was not offered the job, even though she was denied. Jimmy KimmelShe reconnected with former Mouseketeer Justin TimberlakeAfter Lachey’s divorce. During the recent Jimmy Kimmel LiveInterview, Simpson claimed she had a kiss with Timberlake who then allegedly texted Gosling.

Simpson explained to Kimmel that Ryan Gosling and Simpson had a wager on who would kiss her first when they were 12 years old. “And so, he texted Ryan to say he won the bet. And I was like, ‘Oh, okay. Um…So we don’t kiss again. That’s it.