Blake LivelyHer 2021 Halloween costume is being taken down.

The actress, who is 34 years old, took to Instagram Nov. 1 to show how she created her look. Initial, the actress shared her look on Instagram. Gossip GirlThe alum was unsure how she would dress this year.

Lively posted on Instagram, “I didn’t have a costume.” “But, I did have grey eye paint, a blackwig, and a crazy plan.” 

The idea was to take inspiration from Turner Classic Movies. Take a cue form makeup artists Sharon FarrellLively gave a tutorial on how to create a “grayscale, black and white effect.” It made it look like she was straight out o old black-and-white film. Lively claimed that she only had 10 minutes to complete her makeup. 

She wore the wig with a matching pair of shoes, a matching shirt, a white button-up shirt, striped vest, black pants and gloves to complete her ensemble. 

“What’s black and white and lively all over,” Lively asked her 30.4 million followers while giving them a glimpse of her costume.