Kim shared her story amid her recent string of victories. Form that, to get into that championship mode, “I definitely think I switch mentally. When I turn off, I’m completely tuned out and it changes me. Chloe Kim (the snowboarder) is me. However, when I return home I will be Chloe Kim. When I go on snow, there’s another Chloe and she’s my favorite. She’s just the best.

It sounds like she is fond of the other Chloe.

Kim said that snowboarding is something she loves and that it was a joy to be part of its progression. Kim spoke with reporters at the Olympic Village Beijing. It was a joy to practice at the site and Kim assured that she wasn’t burnt out. “I was.” [for]One or two years later [Pyeongchang]That is why I attended school. “I was thankful that I went to school, and now I’m happy that I can be here.

She said that there is more pressure as it’s an Olympics. It’s not a contest to me. This is the mental approach that I am using.

And yes, life got “very challenging” after she won gold in 2018, and it was “the only thing I could blame,” she recalled when asked why she initially threw her medal away. It was in my trash, but I found it. It is gone.”