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We walked all across Spain with this bag and it was very comfortable. There are just enough pockets. I had no problems with the straps staying in the position I wanted. The bag was identical to the one my girl received, but she got it in different colors. We were both very happy with our purchases.

This backpack helped me feel more protected from pickpockets. To make it easy to find my wallet, I kept the zipper closed with the included clasp. In the remaining front pockets that I could not lock, I kept easy-to-replace items (e.g. cheap sunglasses, first aid kit). Because it is so large, I had to refer to the backpack as Mary Poppins Bag halfway through my vacation. It’s amazing how much I can fit in the bag. I was shocked, however. The main compartment is large, and the pockets in the front are also great. It was big enough to hold my entire hand.

“I wish that I could go back to the first time I opened the package. The material is so soft, I was stunned. SUPER SOFT Great quality. It is ideal for daily and vacation use.

It was a necessity to travel more easily. I’m thinking I may just give up my wallet and buy this. Great quality. This will definitely last me a while. It’s a very cute bag and it looks great. The straps are the only thing I have to criticize about this bag. I find the straps a little slippery due to my round shoulders. The straps seem to slide a little off of my shoulders. It is less likely to happen the heavier you are. Overall, 10/10.”

The product is soft, thick and durable. It also has an excellent price.

This bag was given to me as a gift and exceeded all my expectations. The bag is the right size and the zippers have good quality. I also love the anti-theft pockets. It feels sturdy and has a consistent color.

“It’s been two months of daily use in Europe carrying SO much stuff, and it’s been really adaptable. Because I absolutely love this backpack, I feel like I am a living advertisement. It’s a fantastic bag. I only wish there were more padding for the shoulders. The bag can easily hold many things, such as a water bottle, diapers, wipes and umbrellas. I also have enough room for my child’s stuff, including tissues, wallet, sunglasses and a tissue. It can fit so many things in this bag. It’s amazing!