We couldn’t be happier. Olivia Rodrigo and her growing music career. Is that a sign she’s flutterin’ from the show that brought her such a huge break?

CelebHomes News has an exclusive interview High School Musical: The Musical Series creator Tim Federle weighed in on Olivia’s superstardom and teased what it means for season four of the series. 

Tim stated, “I only go to one season at once these days.” HSM:TM:TS‘ future. “Disney picked season 4 up faster than any other company. “We hadn’t even air season three!”

In regards to Olivia, who is the current reigning Best New Artist recipient for the Grammys, her character Nini Salazar-Roberts WillThe upcoming third season will see them in limited roles.

She will be back for season 4. Tim stated to CelebHomes News that he hasn’t yet reached that point. Everyone who has an Internet connection will know that Olivia had a great year. If I was Olivia, I feel that I’d love to see the music industry opportunities which have been so supportive of her.

Tim observed that this is because of Tim. HSM:TM:TS is interested in “telling New“Stories with our OG Wildcats.” He said that he doesn’t rule out Olivia participating in the future, but added, “But, I never say never.”