Ant-ManIt draws inspiration and strength from the happenings of Avengers: Endgame

The third Ant-Man movie, Quantumania: Ant-Man and The WaspHis theatres, February 17, 2023. When it does, director Peyton ReedAnd star Paul RuddCelebHomes News exclusively revealed that 2019’s “The Snap” was the name of CelebHomes News attending 2022 Comic-Con EndgameAnt-Man, and more specifically Scott Lang, still have huge implications. 

As a refresher: After surviving Thanos’ infamous finger snap, Scott was reunited with daughter Cassie (Emma FuhrmannAt the end of, he was five years old. Endgame. Kathryn NewtonCassie now will play in Quantumania

“[Scott]’s daughter Cassie is 18 in this movie now because of the events that happened in Endgame,” Peyton stated. What was that like for Scott Lang?” Scott Lang’s daughter is no longer a young girl. He’s now a young lady.

Anybody else suddenly humming Britney Spears?

Peyton was also the director of 2015’s film. Ant-ManThe 2018 edition Ant-Man & the Wasp, isn’t taking the opportunity for granted.