Alyssa ScottI am grieving for her 5 month-old son Zen.

A post she posted to Instagram Stories Dec. 23 reflected her grief process.

You might close the nursery door. She wrote that it might be possible to leave the door open. “Maybe you have boxed some things away—maybe you still fold and put them in the drawers. This is my room. Sometimes, I go in and walk by his bedroom. Some of his clothes are washed, but others remain with his smell. Although I am not sure what to do, a pile of clothes is building up.

Scott sent support to those who were on the same journey as her. She continued, “I am thinking about all those who are grieving this holidays season.” I am reading all your messages, and will keep them near me at this difficult time. Love.”

Scott posted a picture of Zen’s nursery with baby products. He also included the caption “My first Christmas”, which is written in red.

“I was so happy for him to use this onesie,” she said. “I’ve had it laid out since Thanksgiving.”