Paul CampbellIs ready to show you what it takes to create a Hallmark Channel Christmas movie. 

Campbell is known as the network’s most funny leading man. He has also been a prolific writer. Campbell, 42, was not only the star of “Countdown to Christmas,” but also wrote two of the network’s most popular outings in terms both of audience reaction and ratings. 

One thing is consistent in all three of the movies Campbell helped to make this year is that there is both humor and heart in the films. It is hard for a network to set this tone on someone who was known previously for dry kisses. 

Campbell said in an interview with CelebHomes News that it was difficult to strike a balance in writing and acting because you have to respect what Hallmark wants to accomplish. Hallmark is able to bring films with the right tone and feeling, which has been a huge success. You shouldn’t go too far from the original theme or the channel.