Tina said, “Don’t panic,” but she has some great news. 

Nope, that’s not a new McDonald’s Ad…  that’s a trailer for the new Bob’s Burgers movie. 20th Century Studios unveiled the trailer to their first movie on January 11, 2019. Bob’s Burgers Movie which premieres in theaters on May 27 and it has us saying, “Alright!” 

“The new film begins when a burst water main causes an immense sinkhole directly in front Bob’s Burgers. This blocks access indefinitely, and ruins the Belchers’ hopes for a prosperous summer. As Bob and Linda try to salvage their business, Linda’s children attempt to unravel a mystery that may save the restaurant. These underdogs find common ground and work together to overcome the odds.

Linda Belcher in the trailer, wearing a bikini to advertises “Fresh hot Burgers, Sexy Burgers.” “What? “It’s summer, and sex is selling baby.” 

Tina continues to have high expectations for this summer, according to the trailer. She tells her siblings that “big things are coming for Summer Tina.” You get heat rash sometimes, so big things are coming for summer Tina.” Gene asks. She replies “Bigger.”