Ashley Benson Mocks L.A. Ashley Benson Mocks L.A.

This couple may find a fresh start in the New Year.

Just weeks following exes Ashley Benson and G-Eazy were spotted reuniting for a friendly lunch date, CelebHomes News has learned more about where the pair stands.

“They have been spending a lot of time together are casually dating again,” a source exclusively shared with CelebHomes News. “They had a difficult breakup, but reconciled and love being together. They share a lot and take things slow.

According to the source, Ashley reunited with G-Eazy after his mother, artist Suzanne OlmstedThe singer,, has passed away. The singer shared a touching tribute on Instagram in November to her queen, my hero and my everything. 

Fans may see the couple together in the future. However, a source told us that G-Eazy is still grieving and not focusing on the status of their relationship at this time. Ashley was also there to support him during the difficult times.