Even Martha Stewart is well aware of Pete DavidsonRomance with a woman you love Kim Kardashian.

Instagram was taken by the lifestyle guru, 80 years old, Tuesday January 11th to share a story about his recent encounter with the Saturday Night LiveStar, 28 years old, at Nobu Malibu’s celebrity-hot spot dinner. Sharing a photo taken from her night out, she spilled to her followers that there was no sign of Pete’s new flame—though he was in good company with some other familiar faces.

“Never guess who you will bump into at @noburestaurants #nobumalibu@petedaveidson [sic]”Having dinner with friends,” she captioned. She wrote, “No @kimkardashian!”

Martha claims that Pete was dining at the table with Martha. Queer Eyestar Antoni PorowskiAgent for Hollywood Ben LevineWhile some East Coast-based friends were there.

She continued, “Busy busy.” “But. Never be too busy to share good food and laugh with your friends.

The Martha Stewart Living icon went on to remind fans that she and Pete both appeared on Comedy Central Roast with Justin Bieber “a few years back” to tease the pop star. Martha pointed out that the comedian has done some amazing things since then: “Now, he’s on @nbcsnl, and in many very funny movies.” Pete had been an already SNLCast member at the time the roast was being prepared, but it’s okay, Martha!

Martha, who is 37 years old, poses happy next to Pete at the Japanese Restaurant.