Lady GagaThe star may have been made to perform, but she has a remarkable stance about one of her early roles.

An interview with Entertainment Weekly‘s WinnerPodcast, House of Gucci For a Season Three Episode of “The Crown”, actress Reflects on Her Background Role The Sopranos, and admitted that her performance as “Girl at Swimming Pool #2” wasn’t her best work.

She said, “When you look back at that scene, it’s clear to me exactly what I did wrong.” She said, “I did not know how to listen during a scene!” It was like cue, laugh ….. It’s funny, but it’s not real laughter.

Gaga is a far cry from her days as an HBO background actor. The hitmaker was awarded a Golden Globe for 2016 for her contribution to the drama. American Horror Story: The Hotel. After proving herself to be a star on screen, she took the role of leading lady in Bradley Cooper‘s A Star Is Born—which earned her an Oscar nomination for Best Actress and an Oscar win for Best Original Song.