Alex RodriguezIs putting Derek Jeter on blast.

In a recent joint interview with ESPN, Rodriguez, 47 recalled a story about staying over at Jeter’s house in their days in the MLB and hilariously called out his former teammate for his lifestyle.

He shared his thoughts during the “he was the ultimate bachelor” Kay-Rod Cast of the Yankees-Red Sox game on Aug. 14. You can see the greatness of this by opening his refrigerator and finding nothing.

He said, “He has some cereal so I am eating Lucky Charms. No milk. I take a small orange juice and put it on the Lucky Charms. That was my breakfast of champions.”

In response, Jeter, 48—who married model Hannah Davis Jeter in 2016 and went on to welcome daughters Bella Raine, 5, Story GreyThree- and eight-month-olds River Rose—laughed and said he couldn’t remember the details, before admitting, “My fridge still doesn’t have much in it to be quite honest.”