Guillermo del ToroIt is ready to terrorize your Halloween season.

The Academy Award-winning director and producer is the mastermind behind the upcoming Netflix anthology series, Cabinet of CuriositiesThe premiere is Oct. 25,

The first look at the series features some haunting imagery, including a hand emerging from beneath the graveyard ground and a woman being grabbed on the shoulder by the hand of a child. You know, del Toro stuff!

Cabinet of Curiosities“This is a show I’ve always wanted,” del Toro stated in the teaser released August 15. We gave each episode ownership to the directors in this anthology. Each episode is a complete world. You will find many delights. They come in savory and sweet varieties. Every bite offers something different.

It gives trick-or-treat a new twist. 

This teaser shows behind-the scenes footage showing how the frightening monsters and ghosts were brought to life.

“We wanted beautiful, useful creatures.” Water Shape director continued. “With all that artistry involved in creating great monsters, we created some of the most extraordinary images in this series.”

The project’s directors include Babadook‘s Jennifer Kent, Twilight‘s Catherine Hardwicke Narcos‘ Guillermo Navarro

“With Cabinet of Curiosities,” del Toro said, “what I’m trying to say is, ‘Look, the world is beautiful and horrible at exactly the same time.'”