Teresa GiudiceAnd Luis Louie Ruelas are dipping their toes into the sands of Mykonos rather than the drama back in New Jersey. 

Fresh off of their fairytale wedding, the newlyweds are honeymooning in Greece—a country that holds special meaning to Teresa and Luis, as it’s where they got engaged. The couple has documented much of the trip since arriving just one weekend after they said “I do,” sharing Instagram Stories of each other and their picturesque surroundings. 

After the couple’s stunning wedding, they decided to go on a Greece vacation. The scandalous family that ensued. As Teresa walked down the aisle at the Park Chateau in East Brunswick, N.J.—donning a blush pink mermaid-style wedding gown, long sheer gloves and a sky-high hairdo with a $10,000 price tag—there were two people noticeably absent from the crowd: her brother, Joe GorgaShe and her sister in law, Melissa Gorga

Melissa has since explained that she and Joe had “a laundry list of reasons” not to attend the nuptials; one of which was an argument that broke out while the cast was filming for The Real Housewives of New Jersey‘s upcoming 13th season.