Aaron CarterIt is time to go back to your single life

Just two months after reconciling with his on and off fiancée, Melanie Martin, the 34-year-old musician revealed that the two have broken up yet again.

“My relationship has come to a point where we have to part ways,” he tweeted on Feb. 23. Thank you for your consideration. “Thank you!”

Aaron stated in another tweet that trust issues are the reason he wants to be single.

He stated that he had no plans to get into a relationship any time soon. “I am too scared and can’t trust women. Therefore, I will protect my soul as well as my heart during this difficult time.

One fan asked him about his health and he said that he wasn’t. he responded, “Never better. “Especially right now.”

CelebHomes News reached to their representatives for comment.

The day before he announced the break up, Aaron—the estranged younger brother of Backstreet Boys member Nick Carter—was busy on social media showing off a new Chevy Escalade and posting a video of himself buying a handgun.