Now is the time to island hop

Three seasons of the bawdy television dating show have been completed by CBS. Love IslandIs moving to Peacock. Two new episodes of the salacious series have been added to the streaming service, which promises more action than ever.

Peacock’s edition will be shot in California and promises more “naughtier fun and steamier challenges.” Multiple episodes are scheduled to debut weekly in real-time. In total, the streamer has ordered 80 episodes of the series, which rose to international fame with its now-infamous UK version.

The format of the show will remain the same, despite the change: A bunch of singles from different walks of life will gather at a beautiful villa to get married in the hope of winning cash prizes. The viewers can vote for who will stay and who should go, along with the promise that there will be “shocking twists” and turns. Already, we’re sweating.

In July 2019, the CBS show’s version premiered. The third season was completed in August 2021. This show was a follower of ITV2’s UK version, which in 2018 became the most-watched British TV2 program.