Grab a sundae from The Sugar Bowl and get ready, because you’re about to feel old. 

This is the last episode of the popular children’s TV show after 25 seasons. ArthurOn February 21, PBS premiered the series, “The Future of D.W.” And while we’re still coming to terms with the fact that we’ll no longer get D.W. sass on our small screens, PBS gave us a glimpse into the future of our favorite aardvark and his friends. Translation? These were our children. 

During the series finale, titled “All Grown Up,” Arthur and the gang get to see (along with the rest of us) what their lives will be like in 20 years. Arthur finds a spot at The Sugar Bowl where George Lundgren is the host and prepares for the group to see a graphic book he has just completed. 

The best thing? It turns out, in a meta twist by the writers that Arthur’s memoir was the basis for the PBS series. He begins to read the story to his friends, “Chapter 1, How I got my very first pair of glasses,” which is a callback to the first episode of Arthur“Arthur’s Eyes, Francine’s Bad Hair Day”

Are our minds blown? Yes. Do we feel like we should be checking into Shady Pines Retirement Home? Also, yes.