We are ready for an “Applause” round! 

Lady GagaTribute artist Erika Moul Watch her perform “Just Dance” with all of her energy during an exclusive sneak peak at the Clash of the Cover Bands Tomorrow, Wednesday Dec. 22, is the finale of season 2. The IRL Little Monster kicked her performance up a notch with a metallic—or should we say, Chromactica?—bodysuit complete with futuristic sunglasses and an asymmetrical wig. 

“Did you guys just come to the party?” Erika is heard shouting between dance party favorites. “Let’s go!” 

Judges Meghan Trainor, Ester Dean and Adam Lambert All three judges dance happily in their respective seats. Meghan is especially surprised when Erika sings high notes. Erika is greeted by all three judges with a standing ovation

Season finale Clash Erika’s Gaga take is compared against Elton John impersonator Rus Anderson. What artist will win? 

CelebHomes News previously reported Meghan that Rus was her favorite performance. Erika could be up against it.