You Netflix! 

We’ve spent countless hours on the couch—don’t judge—watching true crime documentaries over the years, but Netflix’s new docOur FatherThis may be the most crazy one yet, with its May 11 premiere. 

Our FatherThe true-life story about an Indianapolis-based fertility physician Donald Cline, who admitted to using his own sperm to impregnate unsuspecting patients more than 50 times throughout his career. 

This documentary focuses on Jacoba Ballard, who began to put the pieces of Cline’s misdeeds together after an at-home DNA test revealed she had seven half-siblings. Ballard started a correspondence with her family and soon the house of cards fell apart.

Netflix says that “as the group sought out information about their curious ancestral tree, they quickly discovered the disturbing truth.” “Their parents’ fertility doctor had been inseminating his patients with his own sperm—without their knowledge or consent.”

It was much darker than what the family had imagined.

Ballard and her sister realized that they had barely started to unravel his web of deceit, said the streamer. This is why their pursuit of justice is at the core of the deeply troubling story of an unprecedented breach of trust.