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Darren CrissAnd your wife Mia welcomed their first child Bluesy Belle Criss⁣ April 11, 2011. “M & D made some sweet music,” Darren shared on April 14. “Out now.”

It photo showed the couple at the hospital posing with their newborn, who was wrapped in a blanket with a pink bow hat. 

The Glee alum first announced he and his wife were expecting on Instagram in October 2021, sharing a video of the music duo listening to their child’s heartbeat from an ultrasound clip in a recording studio.

The caption read, “We’ve made music for many years,” Darren said. “But we made this BEAT this time.”

After listening to the thumping of new life, they turned to the camera with a chuckle, exposing Mia’s baby bump.

He added, “The ultimate collab Droppin’ Spring 2022.”

The couple of about 12 years got married in February 2019 at the Ace Hotel in New Orleans where they tied the knot and rode off in style. Mia wore a white sleeveless wedding gown with a corset top, and Darren a suit in all white with a white bowtie.