Gap Girls were almost Hollywood stars!

David Spade Gap Girls Sketches starring as a star Saturday Night LiveWith Adam Sandler Chris Farley Between 1993 and 1995. The sketch featured three Gap female employees, who were not taken seriously and often ignored customers in order to discuss boys and dating. 

Spade: SNLCreator Lorne Michaels wanted to spin off Cindy, Christy and Lucy into a feature film.

Spade stated that although it didn’t occur, Spade believed movies could be made easily. Fly on the Wall podcast. “One summer we did Tommy Boy. Paramount had an agreement with Lorne, which was kind of simple. Next summer [Lorne] said, ‘Why don’t you guys do Black Sheep? And the next summer, “Maybe you guys could do Gap Girls movie.”

Spade and Farley were prominent in 1995’s “The Year of the Dog.” Tommy Boy1996 Black Sheep, which helped to elevate the profiles of both comedians. 

What is the reason why Gap Girls never made it? Spade did not believe he was capable of writing it. 

“Things [the movie] had against it were me writing it—which was probably the first thing,” Spade said. I ran out of sketches ideas, which were only four minutes in length.