A Look at Celebrities Who Love Yacht Life

One of the ultimate show of richness and wealth is owning a floating juggernaut in the form of the yacht. A yacht is one of the priceless commodities that most celebrities are obsessed with, and millionaires worldwide have spent millions of dollars to acquire this piece of luxurious transportation. Yachts are known for their luxurious rides and much-needed privacy by these celebrities.

Celebrities, for instance, are known for the taste and choice of their yacht. Some celebrities require customization of their yacht before committing to buy. The whole idea is to outdo each other and show the rest of the world more affluent than who. Here are the celebrities who own yachts in the United States.

Leonardo DiCaprio

When it comes to Hollywood, one of the famous actors is a well-known Leonardo DiCaprio and is estimated to be worth approximately $7 billion. Leonardo is known for his love of finer things in life, and in his collection is one of the most expensive private yachts estimated to cost about $200 million. As its popularly known, the Rising Sun is ranked the 11th largest private yacht in the entire globe. The massive yacht comes with several amenities that make it unique right from its design. The rising Sun comes equipped with a basketball court, a helipad, a cinema, and a wine cellar. Rising Sun is a beauty and tailor-made for luxurious rides.

Tiger Woods

Any golf enthusiast around the world appreciates the talent and the champion in tiger woods. Despite his career getting filled with controversies, Tiger Woods is one of the most accomplished athletes of all time. Under his record, Tiger Woods has won approximately 15 major world championship titles, and he gets approximated to be worth about $1 billion.

Tiger Woods owns one of the few superyachts nicknamed Privacy, and it is estimated to have cost him approximately $25 million. The 164 feet long yacht comes with about five bedrooms, and it is fitted with about 50 TV screens adding to its luxurious treat.

David Beckham

David Beckham is a legend footballer to have ever graced our screen and entertained us with his impressive football skills. It’s not a coincidence that David Beckham, with his wife Victoria, is listed as one of the superrich celebrities with their net worth estimated to be about a billion dollars. They own a 94 feet long superyacht known as the Sea Fair. The SuperYacht has the potential of accommodating about eight guests in its luxurious and expansive guest rooms. The yacht comes equipped with a full gallery featuring a salon, a gym, and Beckham fashion.

Tony Parker

NBA is full of superstars and celebrities who have played in those beautiful courts. One of the legends in NBA history is Tony Parker, and he is a legend at San Antonio Spurs since his days at the club in 2001. The superstar was quite influential in assisting the club in clinching several titles, and he got awarded the Most Valuable Player.

Parker is estimated to be worth approximately $165 million and, together with his wife, are proud owners of Kando 100, a Turkish Giant Yacht model. The Kando 100 is a beautiful and elegant stylish yacht that is four-deck, and it can accommodate about 12 guests. The yacht was customized to their design and style, and the couple received the yacht in 2020.