There’s nothing a good workout can’t solve—except maybe a contentious debate about religion. 

Mohamed and YveIn this clip, TLC presents butt heads discussing their plans for raising their child. The clips is taken from the episode that aired June 26, 2006. 90 Day Fiancé.

“We’ve talked about having a kid together,” Yve says first in a testimonial. I feel that Mohamed would make an incredible father. He is just amazing with [Yve’s son] Tharan. It would be an honor to share this experience with him.”

Yve admitted that she is unsure about her “timeframe and age”, but Mohamed doesn’t seem to be worried. He said, “If there was a chance for us to have a baby, I would love to share a child with your family because I love you.” It doesn’t bother me if it is not. That is up to God.

The couple, who have a 23-year age difference, continue the conversation at the gym—and it shifts to their differing religious beliefs.

Mohamed says that he will bring his child to the mosque “if he has a child.”