Nowadays, among social media platforms Instagram is one of the most popular “Millenials”. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that one’s Instagram status shows the status of a person in real life. No wonder that competitions for likes and reposts is also a contest for fame. So how does one become so popular online that people recognize them on streets? Here is the list from experts of top 7 hacks of how to become famous on Instagram.


Social Media is All About Popularity and Recognition

Being recognized on social media is an actual goal for most of its users. Of course some people sign up to chat with their friends, see how they are doing by following them. Yet, soon enough social media activity turns into the race for popularity, likes, and fame. The more likes you have, the more recognized you are, the more famous you are as well. People tend to use fake accounts to get themselves thousands of likes by people who do not even exist. This is what we call as cheating. But there are much more helpful ways to get attention and fame on Instagram. You need to follow these simple guidelines.

1. Hashtags 

Hashtagging hype had begun quite a while ago. Ever since Instagram launched in 2010, the public revealed a new trend of hashtagging. Usually hashtags follow the # symbol and refer to the theme that is relevant to what’s on post. But people have started to use hashtags to fit into the theme that doesn’t fit the picture. Which is an option to reach more people without any concern of what people want to see on a particular hashtag. Such users sooner or later get banned and nobody gets to see them in that hashtags. Still, hashtagging allows people to be able to find the posts they like. Thus, being able to choose a hashtag for your photo is a way of promoting your profile and it’s one of the main options to become famous on Instagram.

2. A Proper Bio

Good thing Instagram allows you to have a short description of your profile. You need to let your audience know at least 3 facts about you. For example: what do you study or your profession, hobby, your favorite quote. People need to know why they should follow you, they need to like the way you live. Also bio is often used for links that redirect you to a personal website or blog. This is another step towards personal promotion on Instagram.

3. Non-private Instagram Profile

More and more people tend to have their Instagram profile private. There are plenty of reasons for that, but keeping it private will not help in promoting it. The main reason for keeping your Instagram private is if you have some sensitive content that you don’t want others to see, or if you want to protect yourself from the fake pages, and other businesses promoters. But keeping your Instagram account non-private helps to get more likes and followers.

4. The Composition of a Content

Composing your content means a lot if you look for status and recognition of Social Media. You need to have your own style of posts. You can’t post random photos. But it depends on your creativity, that could become a style too. There must be a logic in your posts. A good way to promote yourself is to become a blogger, an instructor, a consultant. As such, you’ll provide information that will be useful for people. If posts would follow a certain style and logic, they would be interesting for others to share. So the promotion of a profile would be bound to its content. 

5. Highlight it!

Not so long ago, Instagram allowed to keep their stories highlighted so new followers could see the content that meant to be temporary. Stories can be seen for 24 hours only, but highlights remain in your profile forever if you want to. You need to choose the stories for your highlights beforehand as they would also represent the style and logic of your profile.

6. People to Follow

Subscribe not only to the people you want to follow you back, but also to some corporate pages, celebrity profiles and other business pages. This would help the users to see what kind of a page that is. New followers always check what other pages you are following; but even celebrities buy instagram comments. Sometimes they also check what posts do you like because Instagram allows you to see other people’s activity. So you must choose who to follow and who to like because those things represent your interests too.

7. Being Responsive is Everything

Popular pages become even more popular if they have the option of feedback. Someone messages you, leaves a comment, likes your post – you can always react, by liking their comment, or messaging them back. This way, the public will see that your page is “alive,” and that it is open for mutual conversations. 

This step, as well as everything mentioned above will help you promote your  profile. We hope we’ve helped you to get more likes and followers on Instagram. 

Good luck in creating your own posts style and becoming famous on Instagram!