Traveling with a dog is so much fun—for you and the dog both

Do you have a family? Bring them along, too!

If you haven’t traveled with a pet before, here’s some advice: find activities and places to stay that accept dogs. Unfortunately not that many do, but you’ll find some real keepers among those that do.

Remember the dog travel accessories Just like people, dogs have their “can’t do without” things. Some are for the dog’s comfort and convenience, some are for yours, and most are for both of you.

Seven Essential Dog Travel Accessories

1. Collapsible Crate

If you stay in hotels or with friends and family, this item is indispensable. While you’re out doing “humans only” activities, Fido can nap in comfort in her secure enclosure. Hotel housekeepers will thank you for this.

If you need a crate, shop this site.

2. Collapsible Water and Food Bowls

You can carry these around easily in a purse or backpack for when Fido is ready for a snack or drink. We like this kind because it’s lightweight and easy to carry.

3. Insulated Water Bottle

Fill this with ice cold water before getting in the car. You and Fido both need to stay cool and hydrated. This is the one we use.

4. Spare Leash and Harness

You never know what will happen to these important accoutrements when you’re on the road. Often they just get lost somewhere in the car. How would you walk Fido without them, though? You don’t want to hunt around when she needs a walk.

This place has some fun ones.

5. Biodegradable Poop Bags

Do we need to explain this? Nah…

Remember to stash a bunch in your car. We like the biodegradable ones because we use so many and want to protect the environment as much as possible.

These are good. These pet travel accessories can be found on Amazon or in many local supermarkets.

6. Car Harness that Attaches to the Seat Belt

This is absolutely essential for traveling with a dog. You might be able to get around town all right with the dog loose in the car (you shouldn’t, though). But not on busy highways or unfamiliar roads.

Fido might be excited, restless, or not feeling well. Any of these could cause distractions for the driver. She should be comfortably restrained until you can pull over and take care of whatever she needs.

Plus, if there’s an accident, an unrestrained dog could go straight through the windshield or any number of other terrible things. Here’s what you need to know.

Check out the selection of car restraints for dogs on to find one that is right for you, your car and your dog.

7. Comfort Toys

Fido might be nervous, especially if she doesn’t travel much. Bring some toys that remind her of home–not new ones, but old, familiar, smelly ones. these are dog essentials.

Our “Fido” would love to bring this one on a trip. It’s fluffy and floppy, so she can play with it or sleep next to it. Add one, like an antler, that she can chew, and that’ll do it.

Just pack two or three favorites and you’ll be fine. Absolutely don’t forget to take them back home with you, though!

Are We Ready?

OK, so you have Fido squared away, right? All her dog travel accessories? Properly restrained in the car?

Wait! Did you remember to pack your stuff along with the dog stuff? If not, better go get it before you leave.

Have a great trip–and be sure to send us some pictures of all the fun you’re having! If you have a cat do not forget to carry wipes for your pet. There may be times when your cat gets into something dirty and they need assistance with getting clean. cat cleaning wipes are a wonderful alternative for your cat.