How many times have you browsed the Web or flipped the pages of your favourite celeb magazines? Perhaps you’re waiting for an appointment at the doctor’s office or are waiting for your food to arrive at your local café and you spot a garden that is literally out of this world. You want your garden to be as lush and lovely as theirs, but you simply haven’t the time or the knowledge to accomplish it. Actually, they are probably in the same predicament you are, but they do have three things in common which you can take advantage of as well. Check this out…

1. A Love of Natural Beauty

The one thing evidenced by those celebrity gardens that enthral you is the obvious love of natural beauty. Instead of living in a high-rise condo in Sydney, for example, they’ll choose a home in the Brisbane area where the paparazzi aren’t as likely to find them. If you could spot their home in your area, you’d find that the colours and texture of their gardens express a deep rooted love of nature and everything calm and peaceful they lack in their busy lives. That’s what you’ll find in celebrity gardens if you’d care to begin comparing!

2. Professional Landscaping

Since we’ve mentioned Brisbane, let’s talk about what it would take to get that professionally landscaped garden worthy of stars like Nicole Kidman, who has a lovely farmhouse and garden in the Sydney area. While Sydney itself is the biggest metro area in Australia, with Melbourne second and Brisbane third, each of these cities do have suburban areas where the celebs will hide away from the crowds. Nicole’s home has a professionally landscaped lawn and garden, and you can have that too in Brisbane. Check out the services of renowned ‘artists’ like those at Greater Brisbane Gardens. Let them do the landscaping design for you based on your location in Brisbane and the features you most desire.

3. Expert Lawn and Garden Care

Getting back to the fact that you are on a busy schedule, don’t you think that celebs have an equally busy lifestyle? Many will like to get their hands dirty doing a bit of gardening, but the well-manicured look their gardens are renowned for don’t come with a half hour here or there. They all hire professional lawn and garden care specialists for the upkeep, and you can too. Companies like the one mentioned above do more than landscaping and if you are in need of continued care, they can probably offer those services as well.

You don’t have to be a celeb to enjoy a beautiful garden, and while you may not have a multi-million-dollar home, your lawn and garden can be just as perfect. Yes, your schedule is busy and time is limited, but your love of nature and professional services can give you a garden to be proud of. This is what the celebs have in common and there’s no reason why you can’t join their ranks.