7 Common Plumbing Parts Needed for Residential Repairs

Plumbing problems are something that most homeowners experience at one time or another. It could be a blocked sink. Sometimes it is a clogged sink. Common issues can be addressed by property owners. plumbing parts and tools.

1. Plunger

A plunger is a must-have for every household. This is an inexpensive essential device. You’ll find many options at your hardware store. You can use the flange or cup design to move any clogged shower, bathtub, or toilet. In sinks, the simple cup plunger is useful. These can help unclog toilets. However, they are not designed to seal flat surfaces.

2. Snake of Drain

You may need a snake if you cannot unclog the drain or toilet with a plunger. These clog-busting pipes can be easily cleared by homeowners. For two-inch pipes, companies make thinner snakes. If the snake cannot clear the obstruction, If the snake does not clear the clog, it is likely that it is time to get an auger.

3. Drain Auger

The drain auger is like a snake but it’s a cable that can be used for heavy duty jobs. You can also use it to run through your plumbing. However, the cable is thicker for more difficult jobs such as mains or three-inch pipes.

4. Pipe wrench

The pipe wrench can be used by homeowners to adjust and remove pipes or nuts of all sizes. This tool has a clamp-like opening and serrated teeth. It also comes with a center screw that can be tightened. It can also be used on fragile plumbing by placing a cloth between its jaws and the pipe. Pairing this wrench with another tool will make it more efficient.

5. Wrench that can be adjusted

Adjustable wrenches are similar to pipe wrenches. The jaws can be opened and closed by twisting the inner nuts. These wrenches have strong gripping power, even when they are tightened. The smaller wrenches will allow you to hold on to a pipe and twist a nut using the larger pipe wrench. It is a good idea to have two sizes of wrenches on hand for home owners. Most practical are six-inch or 10-inch adjustable wrenches.

6. Plumbers tape

Wrap the threaded ends of a threaded pipes with plumber’s tape when you are done putting them back together. This will ensure a smoother connection. The film makes it much easier to remove the pipes if you need to do so later. Make sure you clean the ends before applying.

7. Lock-off key or wrench

You may have to turn off all water supply to your house in an emergency. The location of the shut-off valve will be in the driveway, yard or sidewalk. You can cover it with a rectangular or round lid. The lid can be lifted off. You will find the valve just below the ground. The valve may appear like a T or a circle with 2 holes. Put the wrench/key over it and tighten the screws. Every older person should have a working knowledge of where the main water tank is located and the key to turn it off.

You must be prepared to deal with plumbing issues as part of homeownership. However, you can prepare for basic repairs and basic clogs by planning ahead and having a few basic tools.