6 Ideas for Throwing a Fabulous 1st Party in a New Home

There is no better moment to throw a party for someone who just moved in than the first day of their new house. Whether you’re hosting a BBQ for your new neighbors or throwing a Super Bowl party like Kate HudsonThere are many ways you can improve your first party at your new place.

1) Make the Party an Open House

Invite friends over to your house for a party celebrating the new beginning. The idea is easily adaptable to other first-party suggestions in this article. This could also be called an open-house/house warming party. It is entirely up to you and your guests what name it. Open houses bring in many people, and they will help spread the word about your place to all their friends, as well as to yours.

2- Cultural Party

A cultural theme is a great way to make boring parties memorable. It doesn’t mean you need to decorate the entire house with a cultural theme. Pick one room to decorate and reflect the culture you bought the home. This will ensure that your first party stands out by influencing the rest of your guests to follow your culture’s decor and ambience.

3rd Inner Space Party

An alternative idea is to build an inner space around furniture you love, such as a plant centerpiece or table centerpiece. It makes the room standout and lets people know what kind of personality or character you are trying to portray. This can be done in many different rooms.

4- Movie Night

Parties are great for movie night, particularly the first party. It’s great to host a movie night for those who have recently moved in. You must also ensure the lighting doesn’t interfere with people’s interaction. Before you start the movie, dim your lights and switch off any unnecessary lighting in the rooms. 3D movies can be included at the party. Then, you can project them in your main living area. 3D glasses.

5 Fashion Show

The party is more like a first girl party. It can be used at any time and not just for housewarming. You can dress as any famous designer, or your favourite look from the runway. This can be done with your family, friends and even relatives who have the glamour to do it. The best attire could either be chosen by a group of judges, or each person can choose the winner. A makeup artist can give free makeovers to all guests.

6-Cooking Party

Another great idea is to have a party for your first time. Invite everyone you know to your newly renovated kitchen and cook your favourite dishes. It could also be called a cookout party, if it suits your home’s theme. This is a way to showcase your kitchen, and amaze everyone with how easy it can be to prepare elaborate meals. You can also bake new, exotic recipes using the ingredients you have always wanted but couldn’t afford. You could also make something for each person invited.

Which are your top first party ideas? How would you want to host your next housewarming?