Bethesda is described as a thriving urban center, and of the countries wealthiest and most educated communities. Bethesda is an unincorporated place in southern Montgomery County in Maryland. It is located northwest of the busy metropolis of Washington, DC. 

Bethesda, MD, is known for its diverse mix of restaurants, fabulous boutiques, retail shops, vibrant downtown, and numerous outdoor activities. The city offers lots of fun in entertainment, but residents can also enjoy the proximity of the nation’s capital, Washington. 

The town of Bethesda has a population of 63, 168, and is ranked as one of the best places to live in Maryland. The city is popular with families and retirees. The town has high ranking in public schools, nightlife, suitable for families, diversity, jobs, and outdoor living. If your thinking of moving to Bethesda, below are six pros and cons of living in the town. 


Every city and town has its pros, here are a few advantages of living in Bethesda:

  • Education – The city has been named one of the smartest urban centers in America. Education is a priority in Bethesda at every level from pre-school to Doctorate. Students gain a top-quality knowledge. 
  • Medical Hub – The place is known in the healthcare industry with there renowned facilities: the National Institute of Health Clinical Research Center and the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. So if you are interested or looking for employment in the medical field, Bethesda is a great city to live. 
  • Good Food – The town has restaurants to satisfy anyone’s palette. From traditional ethnic foods, to exotic, to the tastes like home, there are so many culinary delights. Bethesda is a foodies dream city. 
  • Art & History  – Bethesda has lots of arts and culture to enjoy. From concert halls, theatres, music facilities, and facilities dedicated to writers, the town celebrates artist’s talents. Many musuems can be enjoyed, and lots of history to explore.
  • Nature –  In Bethesda, you’re a short distance away from a variety of national and state parks, where you can walk, hike, picnic, or take in the scenery. A portion of the Appalachian Mountains crosses through Maryland, where you can enjoy hiking, camping, and exploring nature up close. 
  • Employment Opportunities –  Job opportunities are abundant in Bethesda, especially with the close proximity to the nation’s capital, where there are many government jobs available.


Just as every city has its pros, there are also cons, here are some disadvantages of living in Bethesda

  • High Cost of Living – Being an urban city, Bethesda has a high cost of living, the closeness to Washington raised prices as well for living. 
  • Traffic – You will be dealing with lots of traffic. The state of Maryland has the second-longest commute time in the country. Traffic is concentrated on busy highways and routes leading in and out of the city.
  • Cicadas – these bugs have been arriving in off-season years and are impossible to ignore. They can be disruptive to your summer evening barbeque, or peaceful hike. No one knows why they’ve been arriving in Maryland in swarms, but just be prepared for the noise.
  • Expensive Property Tax –  property taxes are high in Bethesda, but this is true in most of Maryland because of its closeness to DC. To make up for the cost of living and property taxes, residents generally have a higher salary median.
  • Soaring Property Values – property values in Bethesda are rising. Properties in Maryland are comparatively more expensive than other states. The reason for this is the variety of high-paying government jobs nearby and easy access to Washington, DC.