As recession and crisis once again hit many countries and regions worldwide, the percentage of crimes and burglaries is on the rise. Unfortunately, thieves can easily break into your home by going through your windows. Therefore, it’s crucial to investigate more ways to leverage your window security.   

Nothing beats the feeling of going back to a home that’s safe and secure for yourself and your family. It’s possible to have this peace of mind after you’ve exhausted all efforts to ensure that your windows are thief-proof. The good news is that there are diverse ways to attain this. By investing in window security screens, sturdy locks, and other security measures, you can prevent crimes and dangers to your property.  

Consider the following ways to boost your window security in your home.  

  1. Install Window Screens   

To enhance functionality and boost curb appeal, many homeowners use window screens. This wise investment can protect your home, family, and possessions. Primarily, these security screens remain as tough barriers, so intruders won’t be able to access your windows. Aside from your front windows, check all around your house, and install window screens on any possible windows that criminals can access.  

If you install quality safety screens, it’s impossible for intruders to enter your home through these points. After seeing these features, thieves will be discouraged even from trying. As an added protection, these screens are versatile and made from tough materials that cannot be cut or broken. Security screens offer a wide range of valuable features that make them a worthy investment despite their cost.  

  1. Regularly Inspection   

To ensure the security of your home, you should inspect all your windows, especially those on the first floor. You should conduct this inspection religiously so as not to regret situations later on.   

It’s important to check all windows for cracks, rusty or damaged hardware, or anything else creating a weakness that a burglar can exploit. The older your windows are, the easier they’ll be to damage and break into. Also, lock your windows constantly when no one is inside your home or at night. While you’re at it, also check your front door to see if it needs replacing. After all, security matters a lot.  

  1. Install Security Bars   

Another great security addition is window metal bars. They may be considered outdated by many people, but they can help keep criminals out of your house. Desperate criminals would violently smash your window glasses to break into them. The metal bars will work as barriers, so they still won’t be able to go in.  

Many elegant and stylish window security bars are available today if you are concerned about aesthetics. These are advisable to install, most especially if your windows are located on the ground floor.    

  1. Upgrade Your Window Glass   

Consider adding a security film or glass to your windows by contacting a reputable installer. Several types of fortified glass can make your windows more resilient to breakage and prevent them from shattering. You can upgrade your glass yourself with security film, which works by holding the glass together.  

Windows with security glass can prevent break-ins and add an additional security layer to your residential and commercial properties. Adding penetration-resistant interlayers to toughened security glass windows ensures maximum strength. Security glass transforms your windows from a vulnerable point of access into a formidable security stronghold by providing them with the capability of dealing with forced entry attempts. Needless to say, this is the best window investment you can make to heighten your home’s security.   

  1. Boost Your Privacy Through Window Treatments   

Homeowners and renters can enhance privacy and security by adding window treatments. There are many options available in the market today. Choose one that suits your preferences and home style, from curtains to window blinds. The minimalistic style of roller shades continues to be forecasted as the leading trend in window coverings in 2022. As an ideal choice for the trending naturistic color pallet, roller shades come in various earth-tone colors, textures, and hardware options. If you want to retain aesthetics but increase window security, you can consider this window treatment option.  

If your shades or curtains are drawn, it signals to burglars that you’re home, so they’re less likely to break in. One of the best things about window treatments is that you can customise them to match the interior design of your home and your preference for natural light.   


Follow the tips above to keep your home and family safe. You can make your home safe by investing in additional window security features like glass, metal bars, screens, and so on. It’s best to contact your reputable window security professional so that they can advise and help you make the best decision.