As you can see from Amanda Holden, a front door represents more than just an entrance. For one, it is a barrier between your home and the outside. It keeps out the harsh elements, wild animals, and burglars. It is a doorway to your domicile – a gateway into your private space.

Secondly, your front door makes a significant difference on your house’s exterior look. It is what your visitors first see when visiting, and it tells much about you. Thus, it would be best if your front door represents you deservedly.

It would be amazing if you could replace your front door with another instantly in a single bold move. However, picking your front door is not that simple. There are several things that you need to consider before choosing the right fit.

Here are six tips to help you find your next front door.

1. Pick your material.

You have several options when picking the material for your next front door. You can have wood, aluminum, steel, fiberglass, and many others. However, you have to note that each material has its perks along with disadvantages. Wood, for instance, can be good because of its simple and rustic look. However, when exposed to the elements, the wood will likely warp and expand or contract. Moreover, wood will require much treatment, making it very expensive. Contrarily, you have steel and aluminum doors that are stable and durable and cost-effective in the long run. However, steel is likely to rust when rained on. The bottom line is, you need to pick a material that serves you well and is low maintenance to prevent any future hassles.

2. Pick your color.

Pick the right color that suits you and your door. There are a few things you should consider when picking a color. Firstly, you should consider your home’s color scheme. While selecting your front door’s color, choose one that complements your home’s color scheme. If you are bold enough, you can go for the unconventional colors. Pick a dark grey or charcoal, or you can go for the more flashy colors – cool turquoise, vibrant orange, or elegant indigo. Research states that doors painted in these shades can add up to $1,514 to your property price.

3. Security matters.

The security of your front door is paramount. Burglaries are one of the widespread crimes in America. Considering your front door is the most exposed point in your home, you need a door that will keep your family safe from the elements, burglars, and wild animals. Consider reinforcing weak points in your door like the hinges, which are likely to be exploited by a trespasser. Install good locks as well as additional security features such as a wide field of view peephole. Lastly, ensure that the door is well-constructed to resist all brute force.

4. Pick your size.

Size matters when it comes to front doors. You do not want a door that is too big or too small. You need it just right. You could transfer the measurements of your current door to your new door, or you could have new measurements entirely. Nonetheless, it would benefit you to know that the standard American exterior door measures 80 inches by 36 inches.

5. Durability.

Front doors are used multiple times in a single day every day. Therefore, you should not think about going cheap. Think of getting a front door that will endure the constant usage and still last you a couple of years.

6. Pick your design.

There are various front door designs. There are the steel doors with frosted glass, solid wooden doors, glass doors, solid steel doors you name it. Do not be afraid to experiment. You can opt for a door that complements the design of your home or one that matches your personality. Add some decorations and designs to improve its appearance and appeal. There are no bad ideas when picking what suits you.