Your fridge is one of the most important appliances in your home and you should always try to keep it in perfect condition. This is because if it doesn’t work properly then your whole family will be affected because of the inconveniences caused.

Think about it; having to take warm drinks because the fridge has problems and isn’t cooling or your items like milk going bad because they lack the needed 24/7 refrigeration.

So, you need to know how to keep your fridge in perfect condition all the time by monitoring your actions and how you handle it. Following are the 6 best tips to keep your fridge efficiently running;

1. Regularly Check Its Door Seals

You should always check the door seals of your fridge to ensure they are intact because loose seals allow cool air to come out. This wastes energy and makes your fridge work harder to cool the items inside more than its operation capacity which also strains it and can lead to break down.

So, you should ensure that the fridge door seals don’t have any food residuals. You can always clean them if they have any residuals with the help of a toothbrush, water, and baking soda.

To test the door seals, you can embrace the dollar-bill test by closing a bill in your fridge door when half is out and half is in. If the dollar bill slips out easily, then you need your fridge’s door seals to be checked by a professional technician as they are loose.

2. Separate Your Appliances

You normally have different appliances in your home that serve different purposes so you should keep your fridge distant from others like the dishwasher and oven. Wondering why? This is because the heat that comes from the dishwasher, oven, and other appliances boosts the room temperature which makes your fridge work harder.

It works harder in an attempt to maintain its normal cool temperature and this increases your electricity bills as it strains your fridge because it is operating at excess capacity.

3. Don’t Put Hot Things in The Fridge

Don’t put hot things like boiled water and warm food in the fridge. You should first put the hot stuff aside to first cool and then put them in your fridge. This is because they dramatically increase your fridge’s temperature which makes its compressor work harder trying to cool down the fridge according to the best Los Angeles appliance repair technicians.

Hot things strain your fridge’s compressor and it might breakdown if you regularly put hot things in the fridge which puts you into unexpected expenditures on compressor replacement.

4. Vacuum the Condenser Coils

The condenser coils of your fridge realize heat that makes its compressor run. But if dust and dirt gather on the condenser coils, your fridge’s system overheats which causes the compressor to breakdown and your fridge can’t cool anything.

So always pull your fridge from the wall to access its condenser coils as they are located behind, then use a vacuum to clean the coils. This should be done at least every after a few months especially if you have pets that shed.

This helps to keep proper heat supply to the compressor all year long without any blockages in the condenser coil system.

5. Don’t Keep Your Fridge’s Temperature Too Cold

It is recommended to keep your fridge temperature below or at 40 degrees Fahrenheit and freezer at 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

Keeping your fridge’s temperature colder beyond the necessary boosts your electricity bill as it uses much energy. Moreover, your fridge’s compressor is forced to run longer to keep your fridge colder and this makes it wear out faster.

6. Use A Fridge Guard

You should always buy a fridge guard to keep your Fridge safe from the unstable power supply. When the power supply is high, it has the potential of damaging your fridge and the same applies when the power supply is low.

The good news is that a fridge guard regulates the power supply and only gives your fridge access to enough power it needs for its operation that won’t damage it. This allows you to keep your fridge in perfect condition for a long period.

Keep Your Fridge Safe

To keep your fridge safe for a long time, you can get help from the best Los Angeles appliance repair technicians to regularly check on its performance.