On average, a home for sale will spend 68 days on the market. Of course, this number can vary drastically depending on your neighborhood. Homes in hot neighborhoods can sell within days and a particularly undesirable home in a sluggish market can easily expire its 6-month listing.

For someone who needs to sell their house quickly, these numbers are not very heartening.

However, properly preparing a house for sale can help speed up the process. Let’s look at our top tips for selling a house FAST!

1. Clean and Declutter

How do you impress potential buyers? Make your home shine.

Buyers will feel completely differently about the same home depending on its presentation. To that end, spring clean like you’ve never spring cleaned before! 

Wash everything. If the walls are kind of dingy, repaint them with light, neutral colors.

Clear out all clutter and personal items. Clutter-free rooms appear larger and a lack of personal items makes it easier for buyers to visualize the space as their own. 

Don’t forget the yard. Curb appeal is almost more important than the appearance of the inside of your home. It’s the first thing buyers see and thus they are already forming their opinion before they even enter the house.

If you don’t do anything else to prep your home, do this step well and you’ll see positive results. 

2. Invest in Quality Photography

Once you’ve made your home shine, have some photos taken. Smartphones are nice for taking selfies, but they don’t cut it if you want to sell your home quickly. 

When buyers are browsing listings on the Internet, the photos will be the first thing that catches their eye, making them an integral part of your marketing strategy.

A typical smartphone camera will make rooms appear smaller than they are. Professional photographers will use wide-angle lenses to fix this problem. They also know about lighting, positioning the furniture, and other tricks to make the photographs stand out. 

3. Make Basic Repairs

While it may be possible to sell a home on the open market, it will be hard and your pool of potential buyers will be smaller. This raises the chance that you’ll be waiting a long time for the right buyer to come along.

To avoid this problem, you should make the necessary repairs. Of course, this takes time and money so you need to balance how much the repair will cost against how much you stand to gain.

4. Skip the Open Market

Regardless of how you do it, selling your house on the open market will take a lot of work…and it won’t be that fast. Just preparing to sell your home will take a few weeks. 

Then you’ll have to find a buyer and wait for them to secure financing. Closing takes around 30 days…unless you find a cash buyer who doesn’t have to wait for financing.

Now you’re asking yourself, “how do I go about selling my house quickly for cash?” There are many real estate investment companies looking to buy homes, usually to fix them up and resell them. Just make sure to choose one that will give you a fair shake.

Preparing a House for Sale Is a Lot of Work

As you can see, preparing a house for sale can be a tremendous amount of work. Selling for cash is quick and easy. We encourage you to check out this option today.

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