Los Angeles, New York and London are not the only cities where celebrities live. In fact, the nice weather, beautiful neighborhoods and friendly Texas attitude has attracted some very famous people to establish roots in Houston. 

Some grew up here, and others made it their special getaway after they became famous. Here is a list of ten celebrities that live in Houston, or lived there at one point in their lives. 

1. Jim Parsons 

The star of “The Big Bang Theory” grew up in Houston and attended college at University of Houston. He attributes much of his success in theater and TV to his immersion in the arts growing up in this great city.

2. Beyonce

Queen Bee grew up in the Third Ward, and sometimes still graces the city with a visit. She’s been known to sing the praises of Houston’s food, in addition to coming back to help out in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

If she expresses any interest in raising Blue Ivy and the twins in her home town, I’d gladly think about selling my house asap so they can move in! 

3. Dennis Quaid

Handsome actor Dennis Quaid is another University of Houston alumni who has also spent lots of time in the city. He grew up here and had family in the area for ages.

Although he now spends more time in Montana and L.A., you can see where he got his good manners and sly sense of humor.

4. Kate Upton

Supermodel Kate Upton married Justin Verlander, pitcher for the Houston Astros. She now makes Houston her home and is raising their kids here.

She has raved about the city’s restaurant scene. She also loves shopping on Montrose and, of course, taking in a game at Minute Maid Park.

5. Mary Lou Retton

This Olympic medal-winning athlete still makes her home in Houston. Houston attracts many sports fans and athletes, attracted by its great teams, schools, and rah-rah spirit of all-American competition.

6. George H.W. Bush

Before he passed recently, George and Barbara Bush made their home in the Thousand Oaks section of Houston. His son George W. Bush is also a Texas resident, although his ranch is a little farther off the beaten path.

7. Simone Biles

Another amazing Olympic gymnast lives near Houston: Simone Biles, who now lives and trains in nearby Spring, TX. She is the most decorated gymnast in history! Texas is proud that she has made the state her home.

8. Roger Clemons 

This famed baseball player grew up in Houston and still lives there, after playing all over the country for teams like the Yankees in addition to the Astros. His bold pitching style and his defiance to authority make him an ideal Texas boy. 

9. Lyle Lovett 

The musician Lyle Lovett was born outside of Houston and still lives in the house his granddaddy built there. He’s the perfect mix of Texas tradition and Houston cool.

10. Chandra Wilson 

Chandra Wilson from”Gray’s Anatomy” is a great example of just the right mix of Houston spunk and  Texan big-heartedness.

With Houston’s top-of-the-line healthcare facilities and research hospitals, Gray’s Dr. Bailey would feel right at home! 

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