Luxury homes are ones that maintain the highest value in their areas. They tend to contain higher-end features and be larger than surrounding houses. While a true luxury home may or may not be in your budget, there are certain features you can add to give your current house a boost.

Install a Home Elevator

A home elevator can add both convenience and comfort to your home, no matter how many stories it has. Options like the Stiltz elevator come in lots of designs and styles, so it is not hard to choose something that will fit the aesthetic of your home. Plus, installing an elevator can increase property value because it will make the house more appealing for buyers who may have mobility issues and need to be able to get around with greater ease.

Renovate the Bathroom

A spa-like bathroom can give you a relaxing experience from the comfort of your own home. While the exact features vary depending on the house, a few things to consider include soaking tubs, towel warmers, and heated flooring. You can use materials like marble, tile, or stone. Showerheads often offer a rain-like experience, with just the right amount of water pressure. Try to include enough windows so that the space is filled with natural light. You can add high-end window treatments or install frosted glass to ensure privacy. Don’t forget the little things too. You can make it feel more natural by adding wood furniture, green plants, and stone countertops. If you want to make it feel even more high-end, you can even add a chandelier. 

Create an Outdoor Living Space

When the weather is nice, a patio or yard is a great place to relax or gather. Today, outdoor living spaces are common features in luxury homes. You can even install an outdoor kitchen to provide a seamless experience when hosting guests and serving a meal. Some luxury homes have themed living spaces. If you like making pizza, you could add a brick oven to make pizza outside. Or you could create a bar so guests can fix their favorite drinks. You can also add a fire pit to make your space even more versatile. On a cool evening, guests can gather around the fire to stay warm, and the fire can add light so you can stay outside even when it is starting to get dark.

Build a Fitness Room

Adding a fitness room can help you save money on pricy monthly gym memberships, and it gives you a convenient location to exercise. If you have the space, you can turn an extra room into a home fitness center. You can add all your favorite gym features, such as wall-mounted mirrors, treadmills, elliptical machines, weights, floor mats, or weight machines. This also gives you a space with complete privacy, so you do not need to feel self-conscious about your routine. You can play your desired music, watch a video, or invite a friend over to exercise together.