Celebrities are blessed with looks, money, fame and, often, beautiful homes. This is no accident, of course. They earn squillions for being themselves, so it’s hardly surprising that they can afford to live in palatial residences, mansions, and luxurious penthouses. Many of them even own multiple homes, scattered all over the globe. 

Sadly, us mere mortals can’t afford to live like kings and queens. But, fear not – if you read on, you can see what your home would look like if you earned a fortune and everyone knew your name. And, if you don’t like the idea of being famous but you have a few dollars stashed away, hire Norrsken Ko. architect services to design you a beautiful new home overlooking Byron Bay or tucked away in a picturesque Sydney suburb – click here to check out their website.

Lionel Richie

Lionel Richie made his millions in the 1980s, but unlike some other celebs from that era, he’s been careful with his money. The Three Times a Lady hitmaker now owns a gorgeous mansion in Beverly Hills. The property is built in the Italian Renaissance Revival style. Richie and his then-wife Diane lovingly restored the property back to its heyday and, with its sweeping staircases and yellow ochre façade, you could almost imagine you were in Palermo or Florence. 

The Candyman

Travers Beynon is one of Australia’s more infamous celebs. The Candyman, as he is known, lives in a property called the Candy Shop Mansion, surrounded by scantily clad beauties. Beynon is known for his outrageous parties and lifestyle, so it stands to reason that his house is pretty spectacular. To be fair, the Candy Shop Mansion looks like the Playboy Mansion on steroids. With velvet in abundance, a 3m statue of Poseidon, and Sistine Chapel inspired ceilings, this is one celebrity home that’s way over the top.

Winona Ryder

Winona Ryder first hit the big time when she appeared in David Lynch’s Twin Peaks in the early noughties, but she has recently enjoyed a renewed place in the spotlight after appearing in three seasons of Stranger Things, the highly successful sci-fi series on Netflix. Away from the screen, Ryder divides her time between a beautiful 1920s home in Beverly Hills and a Manhattan townhouse with interiors. The Beverly Hills property was lovingly restored back to its former glory with the help of a friend. The Manhattan townhouse was also restored, but a different, more glamorous mood prevails. 

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston may be perennially unlucky in love, but she has great taste. Her stylish 1970s Beverly Hills home has been carefully restored and rebuilt. Blessed with a relaxing Zen vibe, the house called out to Aniston when she first saw it; she knew immediately it was meant to be her home. Two and a half years later, Aniston, in collaboration with Stephen Shadley, had created a lovely open and airy home reminiscent of Bali. The Koi pond is just one of the many relaxing features. 

They say money can’t buy you great taste, but there are celebs out there who have both. Follow their lead and you can have a home to match.