Whether building your home from scratch or doing a full renovation, the experience can be extremely exciting and very rewarding. From the color of the woodwork to the style and size of light fittings, every detail of your home will have been carefully planned and thought out. 

Many people want to create a wow factor in their home. A piece that will create a jaw-dropping reaction whenever anyone visits and will make you feel proud every time you see it. So, why not consider adding an aquarium?

Aquariums come in various shapes and sizes and can create a huge impact on the style and design of your home. Fish need to be cared for properly and so, before going ahead, you will need to do some research. Aquarium Source is a website filled with facts and recommendations about fish and their habitats. Visit their website and you will have all the information you need at your fingertips. 

Here are 4 examples of how to create a wow factor with a home aquarium.

A piece of art

Art doesn’t just come in the form of sculptures and paintings. An aquarium can very much fall into the art category if correctly thought out. Insetting a glass aquarium into your wall and framing it, just like you would a picture, will create an instant wow factor in your home. Add some soft lighting and plenty of colorful fish, and behold a truly beautiful masterpiece.

Something more functional

If you don’t want something as permanent as a built-in aquarium, why not consider a coffee table instead? Not only are they a lot cheaper to create, but they are also portable so if you move house you can always take it with you! Buy a tank and have a glass or acrylic manufacturer cut a thick piece of tabletop wider and deeper than the dimensions of your aquarium. Have supporting legs added and a shelf for your aquarium to sit on. It will most certainly be a talking point when guests come to visit.

Use it as a room divider

If you want to be really clever with your design, you can use an aquarium as a dividing wall. Creating a luxurious separation between your kitchen and living area, for example, can create a huge visual impact. Aquariums can be very relaxing and offer an ambiance that can’t be equaled with run of the mill interior design. Not only will it make your home look great, but it will add warmth and a feeling of calm to your home. 

If you are going to install a large aquarium like this the last thing you want is an ugly green square in your living room. To avoid this, make sure to include a filter to keep the tank looking beautiful and clean. A good 100 gallon aquarium filter should do the job nicely.

Keep it simple

You don’t have to go to great lengths to create a wow factor. Incorporating lots of colorful coral, plants and mood lighting to your aquarium can make just as much of a statement. There are a vast number of things you can buy to make your aquarium stand out. Take some time to plan and you will create something truly remarkable.