“NEST” is another wonderful candle. Everybody loves a NEST fragrance candle. Margaret Josephs mentioned that it is the pine smell in her Amazon Holiday Gift Picks. Marge Sr., Marge’s mother, said it was wonderful. They’re my favorite. I keep several of them in my apartment. Margaret said, “Plus we didn’t get real trees this season, so it smells just like a tree.” It is so wonderful. It can fill the whole home. It’s a wonderful thing.

Kyle Richards and Kathy Hilton included this candle in their list of holiday gift picks.  Kyle shared, “NEST candles are my favorite. These candles are my favorite. It smells incredible and is a great gift idea to give it as a holiday candle.

Kathy has the same love for NEST candles, remarking, “Those candles are So beautifully made and they last for hours. They are available at Nicky [Hilton]’s wedding, she had them inside where we did the ceremony. The blue was ours. It’s absolutely stunning. Beautiful. Candles are my favorite option.

Amazon has 5900+ 5-star reviews for this candle.