1. Prince HarryTelled James Corden that Prince Philip generally ended a Zoom call not with any sort of ceremonious farewell or grandfatherly sentiment, but rather he’d just abruptly close the laptop. Which means the nonagenarian had merely taken his old ways to new technology: Biographer Ingrid Seward shared in her 2020 book Prince Philip Revealed that the first time she was ever introduced to the Duke of Edinburgh in 1984, he asked her if she was German and when she repliedThat she wasn’t, he just turned and walked away. Another time, mistaking her for a tabloid reporter at an event, he briefly glanced at her and again turned on his heel. But, she wrote, when they finally did have a chat days later, he was “charm personified.”

A friend of Philip’s told the writer, “He is not a gentleman, because he doesn’t put people at their ease when he can’t be bothered, but he plays by the rules with his wife and family.”

Harry says in the 2021 documentary Prince Philip: The Royal Family RemembersThe truth is that you get what you see with your grandfather. His authenticity. He wasn’t afraid to be himself.”