To Chrishell StauseAn example of her romantic relationship is with Jason OppenheimIt works.

It is not only possible to use the Sunsets for SaleWhile they have great chemistry and a common passion for their work, co-stars also enjoy a lot in common. Chrishell found it easy to move up the ladder as a real estate broker.

CelebHomes News exclusively spoke to the reality star who recently joined forces with Adobe to celebrate Creative Cloud Express’s launch. “I think that’s where the transition was made because we had been working so much together and work so well together,” she said.

Chrishell feels at ease mixing business and pleasure now that she is in the right place in her career.

“In the beginning, I had to kind of mock the confidence—to fake it till you make it,” she explained. Jason and I feel that the work/relationship dynamics is not as complex as we might think. We were close friends in the past, so we do a lot of work together. It felt almost effortless.”