As Zoe Saldana“Sincerely” is a reference to the character of the author. The Center Stage“I don’t dance for them anymore.” “I’m dancing for myself.”

And that was the attitude the actress embraced for her big screen debut as Eva Rodriguez in the 2000 ballet film—even after getting some questionable career advice.

“When you did The Center Stage“I recall being discouraged at that point by my management to use my own name,” Saldana, aged 43, said. Entertainment Weekly in an on-camera interview posted March 11. They never intended for me to change who I was. They loved me for who I am.”
She said, “My manager was a former singer, and a dancer, and she changed her name when she was in high school back in the 1960s. She said that it was what everyone does. That, today, is advice that we consider poor but that was her doing the best that she wanted for me. “But I knew I loved my name.”